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Environmental issues are never far away from our minds, as we move forward with the boat we are aware of our carbon footprint and the potential damage to the sea we can cause by the chemicals and fuel we use.

Our policy hopefully during 2013 is to concentrate on reducing significantly if not totally 'Sealifes' impact on the sea. We have developed a plant to re-cycle oil from local eateries for processing into Bio Diesel, a clean environmentally sound fuel which will not harm marine life.
We presently run our vehicles on either waste vegetable oil or our own processed bio-diesel.

All boats undersides are coated with toxic antifoul, a poisonous chemical paint which protects the hull from marine growths whilst they are on the water, antifoul seeps into the sea as it dissolves, if it prevents sea life growing on the hull what is it doing to the marine environment it washes into?

All our boats are coated with a product called "Slippery Bottom" this is a paint that is non toxic. The idea is it produces a surface so slippy that marine growths cannot hold onto the surface or get washed off as soon as the boat picks up speed.

Not everything can be achieved at once, our main priority is the boat, we hope we can attain our goal of leaving no carbon footprint, therefore doing our bit to reduce the risk of harming one of natures greatest assets, the sea.

The Booking Office is our next issue, we are already looking into the most efficient way to generate electricity.

Nothing is ever easy, it all takes time to make sure that whatever route we take is the most efficient and cost effective, but as long as we make a start the rest of our development will follow.  

You can help as well!

We have drawn up a Environmental Visitor Charter as a guide

We have great local restaurants, cafes, shops, markets, hotels, guest houses, B&B accomodation in Gairloch.

Support our community by eating, staying and buying locally

If staying within walking distance of a boat trip on 'Sealife', make a day of it - walk along the beach, have a picnic on the way, or enjoy cycling to us -

Save the Car for another day!

Our local beaches are beautiful and very clean, after a fantastic day on the beach check all your rubbish goes with you, even the plaster that fell off your finger!

Dog owners - covering your dogs poo with sand doesn't look that good when it is decorating tomorrows sand castle, even less so when on a little one who is covered in it and could be at serious health risk such as Toxicariasis, which causes blindness!

The area has plenty of Green Wheelie bins for rubbish and dog waste.

Please follow the 'Bag it and Bin it' code

Rock Pooling is an exciting activity for all, but it is easy to forget what you are seeing is alive - please take care

When lifting stones to spy on what is hiding -
always replace it carefully in the same position you found it!

Sea Shells are great souvenirs of your time on the beach -
but remember collect only empty shells

Sadly any creatures you take home will die.
A photograph is a much nicer reminder of the fun you had.

Crabbing off Gairloch Pier is great fun, but not for the crabs if you abuse them or try and take them home. Try and place crabs you have caught carefully back in the water. You wouldn't like to be thrown at high speed and from a great height - neither does a crab

Even on holiday recycling is important! You'll find recycling points at:

  • Gairloch- behind the Old Inn and by the Tourist information office
  • Poolewe - on the right as you leave the village for Gairloch
  • Aultbea - by the Forbes Garage
  • Kinlochewe- on the car park opposite the Kinlochewe Hotel

Support Green Businesses who are working to reduce their negative impact on the environment. Businesses or activities who are members of The Green Tourism Scheme will display award stickers


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