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'Sealife' cruises have been designed to give you the maximum opportunity to see as much marine, bird and wildlife Gairloch can offer. Because we sail close to the coast there is never a dull moment, something is always happening either on land or sea.The beauty is you are also close enough to see everything up front in its natural habitat.

Cruises begin at Gairloch pontoon, once everyone is settled on board a brief but necessary safety talk is given. Your first chance to observe the undersea world is the harbour itself, some of the largest starfish we have recorded live in and around this area. Your personal viewing stations make sure you miss nothing. On many occasions our resident harbour seals escort us on our journey.

As we head towards the river something special happens as fresh water meets seawater! Rics extensive knowledge and understanding of marine and wildlife just adds to the experience, plus he's always happy to answer any questions. Heading towards Shieldaig we always slow to a stop to watch any harbour porpoises or seals that may come to the boat.

Our viewing areas constantly change as we discover new locations for marine life, one of our favourite places is an old anchor which is covered in the most amazing sea anemones. Watch scallops fly across a sandy floor, sea urchins perched on rocks, many species of crabs scuttling across the seabed. It's amazing to think that 80% of animal life lives below the water!! Our passengers are always surprised by the elegant beauty of seaweed flowing gracefully in gentle sea currents. Eyes need to be tuned in to spot all the small fish that make their home amongst the waving fronds. On certain tides we can sail close enough to the shore to view rare freshwater oysters.

Ric is constantly on the lookout for seabirds and wildlife that you may not spot, thanks to his eagle eyes!! we see eagles both sea and golden along with puffins, black and red throated divers, basking sharks, harbour porpoises and much more.

On our return journey we travel via Fraoch Eilean (Heather Island)
home to a wonderful array of seabirds including cormorants and shags plus fantastic views of Gairloch and surrounding mountains.

If we are lucky and we usually are Sammy the seal and his little harem come to join us, just about the best photo opportunity possible.

We see so much on every cruise and each cruise is so different it's impossible to list everything, all we can say is come and join us and 'share the experience'

For our younger passengers

Each of our young passengers will receive from the Booking office a clip board, pencil and  the special 'Creepy Crawly Spotting Sheet' filled with lots of pictures of what they will see on the trip, for the more artistic there is space on the back to draw pictures and list any other creepy crawlies or wildlife they spot, great fun for all ages!!

Plus for our little ones, trying to discover where our tartan mermaid lives has proved a great game - apparently she has been spotted !!!!!!!

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